The 9th Book Sharing Session
When he returned in triumph, he looked back at the hunting place; The immensity is boundless, and the fields are silent in the evening clouds.
On the evening of May 28th, teachers from the Junior High Department of the west campus gathered in the lecture hall to follow teacher Ye Jianfei to feel the soul-stirring heroic story 'The Legend of The Condor Heroes'.
Legend of the Condor Heroes is a long martial arts novel written by Louis Cha. Set in the Song Dynasty, the novel reflects the struggle of the Southern Song Dynasty against two powerful enemies, the Jin and the Mongols. It is full of patriotic nationalism. Moreover, the novel has a prominent historical background, numerous scenes, and magnificent momentum, which has a distinctive ‘heroic epic’ style.
To be specific, teacher Ye Jianfei started from the traditional culture in the book, focusing on the historical sense of reality in the book as well as the author's feelings of concern for the country and the people. Furthermore, Mr. Cha uses the world of great goodness and great evil to support people to reach a more smooth spiritual world in the ups and downs. Finally, teacher Ye Jianfei also led everyone to review the theme song of ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes’, and continued the brilliance of this work with music, film and television.
To conclude, history does not always turn out as it pleases, however, the significance of martial art characters lies in the fact that it can show the heroic feelings and national pride in the historical process. It is an invisible force, however, it is also the strength necessary for a hopeful nation.