English Characteristic Quality Activities
In order to arouse students' interest in learning English, experience the happiness of learning English, and cultivate students' sense of gratitude and love for the school, the English teaching and research group of the Junior High Department of the west campus organized 'English Handwritten Newspaper Evaluation to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Founding of Anqing Foreign Language School’, ‘English Song Singing Competition to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Founding of Anqing Foreign Language School’ and "To Our School English Poetry Writing Competition to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Founding of Anqing Foreign Language School’ respectively in three grades. All the three activities were evaluated before May 18th, the anniversary day of Anqing Foreign Language School. Later on, the outstanding handwritten newspapers and excellent poems were displayed in the school foyer. In addition, the best performers of English songs gave a wonderful show to all the teachers and students in the morning assembly on the school's anniversary day.
Through these three activities, students' comprehensive abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing have been improved. More importantly, their enthusiasm for learning English has been stimulated, which truly embodies the teaching philosophy of ‘Apply What You Learn’ and reflects Anqing Foreign Language School's students' ‘Happy to Learn’ learning attitude!
All in all, the English characteristic quality activity fully reflects Anqing Foreign Language School's emphasis on the cultivation of comprehensive English ability. Therefore, we will continue to create the best language learning environment for our students so that they can truly ‘apply what they have learned to practical use, and experience what they have learned’!
Attached is the award list for English handcopied newspaper evaluation of Grade 7:
First prize winners: Zheng Haoyuan and Wang Shuyang from Class 701, Li Yuxin, Qian Yuxin and Chen Beibei from Class 702,  Zhang Jingnan and Wu Yuanyuan from Class 703, Zhang Keyi from Class 704, Hu Yuwei from Class 707 and Zhu Ling from Class 711
Second place competitors: Li Ruoyan from Class 701, Zhu Yan from Class 702, Li Simeng from Class 703, Wang Zhuoer and Wang Jiayi from Class 704, Yao Chenghui, Jiang Yanjia and Dou Chenxi from Class 705, Jin Aoyun from Class 706, Luo Zijian from Class 708 and Yang Chenshuo from Class 712
Third place contestants: He Jiangheng from Class 711, Wang Han from Class 701, Tang Jianglei from Class 703, Yin Siya from Class 704, Cai Yanyu and Wu Xia from Class 706, Bao Jiayue and Chen Xinyue from Class 707, Zhangsi Luoge from Class 708, Xu Nuo and Liu Jinyu from Class 709, Li Ruixue from Class 710
List of the winning classes in the English song contest of Grade 8:
First prize winners: Classes 803 and 810
Second place competitors: Classes 808, 805, 801and 804
Third place contestants: Classes 807, 806, 809, 811, 812 and 802
The award list of excellent English poetry works to 'Celebrate the Anniversary of the Founding of Anqing Foreign Language School' of Grade 9:
Yan Kexin from Class 901, Zhang Sixian from Class 902, Wu Kun from Class 903, Chen Yiran from Class 904, Chen Hui from Class 905, Wang Yuyang from Class 906, Yu Peiqi from Class 907, Wu Zihao from Class 908, Zhang Shuxian from Class 909, Zhou Lei from Class 910, Xuan Yexian from Class 911, as well as Han Xu and Yesi Jingying from Class 912