Reading Sharing Session
Everything is hidden in the warm winter sun and the time zips by in a peaceful time.
On the evening of January 8th, 2021, teachers from the Junior High Department of the west campus gathered in the lecture hall for the second reading sharing meeting. Teacher Liu Yao led everyone to approach the breezy, quiet and clear Walden and appreciate the peace and wisdom together.
Walden is known as ‘the first choice of classic works to shape the life of readers’. It records the wonderful journey of the author Thoreau living in seclusion at Walden Pond, feeling nature and remaking himself in the idyllic life. It is a detailed account of the author's inner desires, conflicts, disappointments, self-adjustment, and then the complex process of craving again after adjustment.
With the light music, Liu Yao shared her story with the book, read the rich philosophical passages in the book, and led everyone to think about the meaning of life and pursue the simplest happiness in life.
‘Walden’ is like a spiritual lake, which let each of us calm down to understand our real needs and face ourselves. If the heart is quiet, it will go far.
Overall, wish everyone can find their own piece of Walden Pond, and maintain inner calm and serenity.