Party Branch Meeting
At noon of 21st December, the second Party branch of Anqing Foreign Language School held the 2020 Party branch meeting, which was presided over by Branch Secretary Liu Qiongdan.
In the first part of the meeting, Secretary Liu Qiongdan summarized the work of the second Party branch in 2020, and indicated that the higher party organizations gave high evaluation to the basic-level party building work of Anqing Foreign Language School, which was the result of the joint efforts of all party members. Afterwards, the meeting nominated and adopted the list of this year's outstanding party members.
The second part of the meeting is the implementation of criticism and self-criticism of the members of the second Party branch. To begin with, Branch Secretary Liu Qiongdan carefully examined the problems existing in the branch, deeply analyzed the root causes of the problems, and made clear the direction of efforts and improvement measures. In addition, members of the second Party branch conducted self-inspection, criticism and self-criticism one by one in regard to the problems. Furthermore, each comrade expressed they would accept criticism and suggestions with an open mind and proceed serious rectification.
In brief, this Party branch meeting provides a valuable opportunity for party members to reflect on themselves and enhance communication. Comrades have not only gained a deep understanding of criticism and self-criticism, but also enhanced their consciousness of sticking to the system of Party Branch Meeting. Through the holding of the meeting, the comrades further clarified the direction of their future efforts and strengthened their determination to improve their self-cultivation and strive to be excellent Party members. The comrades expressed that they would be more active in the future to promote inner-party democracy, constantly enhance understanding, improve the work, and make contributions to the construction of the second Party branch!