Leadership's Humanistic Care
Because of the large scale of the school, the great number of the staff and considering the fact that the number of the faculty's children who study at Anqing Foreign Language School is becoming larger and larger, the end of school hours in the Primary Department is one lesson earlier than that in the Junior High Department so that the supervision problems of the children after school caused the attention of the school leaders, Anqing Foreign Language School's President Madam Huang Wenli assembled the leadership group to discuss and decide that since December 14th, 2020, the faculty members' children who study in the Primary Department should gather at the school library after school to read books, do their homework or rest and would be attended to by the librarian who would provide relevant services such as hot water and disposable paper cups, which not only solved the worries of some teachers in that they could devote themselves to education and teaching, but also provided the children with a warm and comfortable place to study and relax, and greatly reflected the humanistic care of Anqing Foreign Language School's leadership.