Regular Meeting
At noon on 6th November, Anqing Foreign Language School's Senior High Department held the second regular meeting of this semester, which was presided over by Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong and attended by all the administrative leaders and teachers of the Senior High Department. The main content of this regular meeting is to analyze and summarize the recent monthly examination.
First of all, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong explained the performance appraisal criteria of teachers, and encouraged them to take every exam of students seriously.
Second of all, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong conducted a detailed data analysis on the monthly exam, compared the progress and retrogression value of each course, and gave explicit praise and criticism to the teachers of each subject. Finally, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong once again reiterated the teaching routine, emphasizing that teachers should perform their basic duties to ensure the steady rise of students' performance.