Health Examination for Students
In order to carry out the guiding ideology of ‘Health First’, timely understand and accurately grasp the health status and growth of students, ensure the healthy growth of students, as well as prevent and control common diseases and infectious diseases of students, Anqing Foreign Language School actively carried out the physical health examination to establish and improve the physical health archives of students.
To be concrete, after careful arrangement, Anqing Foreign Language School invited the medical staff of Aikang Physical Examination Center to come to the school from October 22nd to November 6th to conduct physical examination for all the students. The items for this physical examination include visual acuity, height, weight, facial features, blood pressure, liver function and other routine items. Under the cooperation of all departments of the school, the whole physical examination process was carried out in an orderly way. In addition, the medical staff proceeded a careful physical examination on each student and recorded the results in detail. In the later stage, the staff will timely report the students' physical examination situation to Anqing Foreign Language School to provide effective basis for the healthy growth and correction of students.
To conclude, physical examination not only helps students understand their own physical health status, but also enhances their physical health awareness, enriches their physical health knowledge, and helps students fully realize the importance of physical health.