Trip to Anqing Museum
In order to better understand and feel the history, on the afternoon of 22nd October, all the students of Anqing Foreign Language School visited Anqing Museum under the arrangement and organization of the school leaders.
To start with, under the guidance of the tour guide, the students visited the ‘Huangmei Opera Art Exhibition Hall’, ‘Anqing Qianbang Exhibition Hall’, ‘Anqing Modern Civilization Exhibition Hall’, ‘Anqing Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Hall’, ‘Anqing City Memory Exhibition Hall’ and ‘Anqing Ancient Civilization Exhibition Hall’. In the ‘Huangmei Opera Art Gallery’, the students witnessed the development of the hometown of theater and drama in Anqing. The traditional opera culture in Anqing has a long history. More noticeably, the Huangmei Opera troupe led by Han Zaifen from Anqing performed at home and abroad. The Huangmei Opera had a great influence on the general public, and the students were amazed by it. Moreover, in the exhibition hall of ‘Anqing City Memory’, the students viewed a series of old photos of Anqing and felt the changes of the city at different levels. The students deeply felt the charm of the landscape and culture in Anqing. The beauty of Anqing is in the memory passed down from generation to generation, in the vicissitudes of the historical relics, and in the happy smiling faces of today's people.
Led by the leading teacher, the students walked into the museum in order.
In brief, this trip to the museum enabled the students to have a more comprehensive understanding of the history of their hometown. As middle school students in the new era, we should set up a lofty ideal, strive to carry forward the excellent cultural tradition, learn the hard struggle spirit of the older generation of revolutionaries, and improve our sense of responsibility in the era. Furthermore, we should be realistic and pragmatic in study, actively work hard and forge ahead as well!