Young Pioneers Congress
On the morning of 13th October, there was loud singing and thunderous applause in the Lecture Hall of Anqing Foreign Language School. The 10th Young Pioneers Congress of Anqing Foreign Language School was successfully held in the Lecture Hall. A total of 160 representatives of each squadron from Grade 2 to Grade 6 attended the meeting. Also in attendance were counselors from each squadron and leaders from the Primary Department.
At the meeting, Counselor Rao Dan of the Young Pioneers made a work report from several aspects, such as strengthening the organizational construction, paying close attention to the cadre team, laying emphasis on the position construction, creating a harmonious atmosphere, carrying out rich and colorful activities, educating people in the activities and implementing key emphasis in the work of the New Year so that everyone could share the joy of growth together.
Afterwards, 24 candidates of each squadron from Grade 2 to Grade 6 presented their campaign speeches and talent shows. All the representatives watched carefully and cast their sacred vote for their favorite leaders of the Young Pioneers. Therefore, the new Young Pioneers Committee was formally formed.
In conclusion, under the guidance of the spirit of the Young Pioneers Congress, the young pioneers of Anqing Foreign Language School will study hard, live happily, learn to care, develop in an all-round way, set up a new image of youth, deepen the action of young eagles, and meet new challenges with confidence!