Special Lecture on Mathematics
On the afternoon of September 24th, Peng Fuyuan, a national model worker, special grade teacher and ‘master’ of mathematics in primary schools of Anqing City, came to the east campus of Anqing Foreign Language School and gave a special lecture on solving mathematics problems for the mathematics teachers from the Primary Department.
In his 80s, the leading authority Peng Fuyuan is quick in thinking, full of passion and fully interactive with everyone. The teachers were enthusiastic to participate in the marvelous activity, from which we can feel Peng Fuyuan's profound education feelings, rigorous scholarship spirit and superb professional level.
At the end of the lecture, the teachers applauded warmly to express their gratitude and respect.
To conclude, this activity makes teachers realize more deeply that an important purpose of learning mathematics is to learn mathematical thinking. Meanwhile, it is quite significant for teachers to teach students the way of thinking, cultivate the habit of thinking, and lead students to experience and comprehend the wisdom and beauty of mathematics.