Fire Safety Inspection
On the morning of 9th September, 2020, the fire safety inspection team composed of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau and the Municipal Fire Rescue Detachment arrived at Anqing Foreign Language School for the fire safety inspection. Executive Vice Principal Liu Bin led the relevant departments in charge to receive the inspection team.
To begin with, the inspection team came to the school canteen, student dormitory, teaching building and other key parts to carefully check whether the fire equipment and safety signs were intact and whether the management of electricity, oil and gas was in compliance with requirements.
In addition, the inspection team affirmed the fire control work of our school, and put forward the following suggestions and requirements: first, to improve the ideological understanding and eliminate fire safety hazards; Second, to standardize work measures, and eliminate fire safety hazards one by one; Third, to strengthen education and training as well as timely and effectively deal with emergencies.
To conclude, Anqing Foreign Language School has always attached great importance to fire education and regularly carried out various forms of fire safety training and evacuation drills so that teachers and students can constantly improve safety awareness, master the basic fire fighting and rescue methods and basic fire escape skills to truly realize the participation of all people and fire prevention and control.