Senior Year Graduation Ceremony
We move ahead for the College Entrance Examination in the wind and rain with youth and endeavor. Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, on the morning of July 5th, a special graduation ceremony for the 12th grade students graduating in 2020 was held in all classes via radio. All the senior three graduates, head teachers, subject teachers and some students' parents witnessed this unforgettable moment.
Initially, the graduation ceremony opened the curtain in the magnificent national song, which was presided over by Mr. Qian Zhihong, Principal Assistant& Principal of the Senior High Department. Afterwards, everyone watched the graduation video affectionately made by teacher Zhu Guangyin, and then carefully listened to the heartfelt remarks from Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong who meticulously proceeded test instruction before the 2020 College Entrance Examination, which made students feel warm, and the feeling of parting grew spontaneously. From Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong's words of sincerity and affection, everyone could feel the deep affection between the lines and his deep expectations and good wishes for the students.
On the whole, we experienced the whet of youth with boundless love. Affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, we have simplified the graduation ceremony of the graduating classes of the 12th grade in 2020. However, the blessings and expectations of Anqing Foreign Language School have increased more and more. Anqing Foreign Language School will always be your strongest backing and the sweetest harbor! Hereby we wish all the students of Anqing Foreign Language School shall move about freely and quickly in the College Entrance Examination and harvest the most brilliant flower of youth at their best age!