Two English Review Lessons
On the afternoon of 26th May, 2020, the English group from the Junior High Department of both the east and west campuses carried out the group teaching and research activities with high level and remarkable effect in the first-floor Lecture Hall in Anqing Foreign Language School’s west campus. Teachers Ye Jianfei and Yang Chun from the west campus and east campus respectively are top teachers in Anqing Foreign Language School, who brought two novel and practicable English review lessons for the 9th grade. All the English teachers with the Junior High Department from both the east and west campuses observed the two classes and held a heated discussion afterwards in the subsequent teaching and research activities.
To start with, the theme of the first class is ‘Beautify Your Composition’, guided writing for the Senior High School Entrance Examination brought by teacher Ye Jianfei with novel perspective and clear teaching level, simple yet profound. Other than that, Ye Jianfei’s teaching manner was natural and friendly with standardized classroom expressions, solid teaching skills and high teaching literacy. Evidently, not only did his lesson point out the direction for students to write compositions well, but also got teachers’ ideas into shape concerning how to improve the scoring rate of excellent students.
Furthermore, the second class focused on the cloze test for the discussion in the Senior High School Entrance Examination held by teacher Yang Chun who started from the overview of the exam situation, aroused students' interest, and then naturally presented five micro-skills, which were consolidated by the practice and examples of the cloze tests for the Senior High School Entrance Examination. Besides, Yang Chun was also good at leading students to actively and effectively participate in the activities of English learning. Although the teaching courseware was simple and brief, his class had a strong sense of the times and practicability. Thus, this lesson not only made an effective attempt to enhance students' reading skills, but also provided an effective demonstration for teachers to guide students to answer questions.
In summary, in the following class evaluation activities, the teachers with the English group were divided into three grade groups to conduct discussion, who spoke highly of the two lessons and also put forward some opinions and suggestions. It was agreed that the spirit of bold exploration and innovation of the two famous teachers was worth learning from. Finally, Director Zhang Li of the Teaching Affair Office proceeded guidance and summary, encouraging each teacher of Anqing Foreign Language School to strive to become a learning and research-oriented teacher.