Safety Education against Drowning
Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among primary and middle school students. After spring, it is getting hotter and drowning is at a high rate again. In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of student drowning accident, Anqing Foreign Language School's west campus took multiple measures to implement safety work against drowning into practice to fulfill responsibility!
To be specific, Anqing Foreign Language School publicizes the knowledge of drowning prevention to students by means of anti-drowning publicity video, electronic screen, bulletin board, class meetings, blackboard newspaper as well as a letter to parents, which aims to educate students not to go swimming without permission, not to swim with others without authorization, not to swim without a parent or teacher, not to swim in water with no safety facilities and no rescuers, and not to swim in unfamiliar waters. Also, students who are not familiar with water shall not go into water to rescue others. Instead, teenagers should learn basic self-protection and self-help methods. On the other hand, parents are supposed to tangibly assume the responsibility of guardianship.
To sum up, through the implementation of safety education activities against drowning, we aim to cultivate students' safety awareness and improve their self-rescue ability. Therefore, let us cherish life, prevent drowning, and let students grow up healthily and happily!