Test Result Analysis Meeting
Teaching quality is the lifeline of school development.
In order to share the joy of test scores, pursue better development, and encourage the fighting spirit of teachers and students, in the moment of revelation of the exam results of the first simulation test in Anqing City, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Junior High Department of the east campus held the 2020 test result analysis meeting in the joint classroom on 22nd May, which was presided over by Deputy Director Hu Sen with the Junior High Department.
In the first place, Deputy Director Hu Sen highly affirmed the hard work of teachers and students as well as the outstanding performance showcased by both the teachers and students. Deputy Director Hu Sen advocated the teachers to maintain their advantages and strive for the top. Meanwhile, he made detailed plans in terms of the grade distribution in each class, students’ development space as well as how to make further progress.
In the second place, leaders of each lesson preparation group in all subjects for the Senior High School Entrance Examination made a report on the characteristics of the test paper, students' grade distribution, question answering conditions, scoring conditions in addition to the teaching advice in the subsequent review stages. Afterwards, Deputy Director Hu Sen gave appreciation and pointed out that the review session in later phases should be well-directed with overall guidance and standardization. Also, we should make overall plans and coordinate between disciplines so that students should not give up each point. Instead, they are supposed to work steadily, because the success in the first simulation test has already become a thing in the past and students shall create glory again in the Senior High School Entrance Examination in July!
On the whole, Director Li Ping stressed that the results of the first simulation test were  gratifying. However, we should not slack off in later stages. On the contrary, teacher should lay emphasis on the stratification issue, and pay attention to students' disadvantages in that teacher's objective consciousness can make students keep pace with their peers in each discipline. That teachers want to become powerful depends on students’ performance, which is the confidence of the glory of teachers’ career.