English Teaching and Research
On the morning of 12th May, the English teaching and research group of the Primary Department  held a teaching and research group meeting, which was the first meeting after the six grades returned to school. The meeting was presided over by teacher Zhang Cheng, head of the English teaching and research group. In the meantime, Principal Huang Zuning of the Primary Department was invited to attend the meeting.
At the meeting, teacher Zhang Cheng summarized the work of connecting online and offline English teaching and laid out the work priorities after the resumption of classes. Then the teachers of the English group communicated with each other about the teaching plan and teaching schedule after the resumption of classes who all agreed that in the teaching process after the resumption of classes, teachers should sort out the key and difficult knowledge of each unit according to the learning situation, and design a variety of practice methods to help students master; Besides, in teaching, we should always reduce the burden and increase the efficiency as the focus of work, and constantly adjust the teaching methods to help students learn better.
Finally, Principal Huang Zuning of the Primary Department affirmed the teachers' bold exploration and hard work in the online teaching, and asked them to continue to strengthen their study and try every means to truly reduce the burden and increase efficiency. Teachers were greatly encouraged and full of expectations for the teaching work of this semester.