Safety Work Meeting
In order to further enhance the safety awareness, do a good job in the transfer of students and build a harmonious and safe campus, on the morning of 29th April, Anqing Foreign Language School held a meeting on the safety of all the transfer personnel in the meeting room on the first floor of the administrative building. Officer Zhang Kejiu organized and signed the 'Security Commitment Letter" with the teachers, and interpreted it as well.
Later on, Director Gao Yi of the Resources Department, asked the staff to perform their duties in strict accordance with the relevant regulations, arrive on time, and be responsible to provide better service for students in that teachers should be patient, careful, and thoughtful; Meanwhile, all staff should not slack off the novel coronavirus pandemic prevention and control work and safety education should be strengthened for students. On the other hand, students must wear masks when taking the shuttle bus. They are supposed to keep a certain distance, and do not communicate with each other. What's more, the transport personnel should be familiar with the handling process of emergencies to prevent them from happening so that students are happy to come to school and safe to go home, which will provide a more powerful guarantee for the education and teaching work in Anqing Foreign Language School.