Mid-term Analysis Meeting
In order to summarize and analyze the problems that students had in the mid-term exam, promote the further optimization and improvement of teaching tasks in Grade 12 and lay a good foundation for the final sprint, the 12th grade held the mid-term exam results analysis meeting in the conference room of the administration building at noon on 22nd November, which was presided over by Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong, also Director of the Senior High Department, and attended by Deputy Director Xu Haihong, Deputy Director Liu Qiongdan of the Senior High Department as well as all the teachers of Grade 12.
First of all, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong pointed out that after the mid-term exam, the department carefully conducted research and set goals. On one hand, subject teachers were supposed to teach students in accordance of their aptitude and take effective measures to promote fast learners and help slow learners. On the other hand, head teachers must keep an eye on the goal, pay comprehensive attention on students with average grades and lay emphasis on art exams to strive to let more students achieve their dreams of going to college.
Second of all, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong also explained the reward policy of the College Entrance Examination of Anqing Foreign Language School in 2020, and guided teachers to pay attention to the learning status of excellent students and average students in each class to guide them accurately, and make up for their deficiencies. In the meantime, they should stimulate students' inner drive, fully mobilize students' subjectivity, transform their weak subjects, and make this year's exam preparation more efficient and effective.
In brief, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Only by carefully summarizing and analyzing each stage can we base ourselves on reality, make up for shortcomings and forge ahead. Teachers from the 12th grade will help students exert all their energies in the College Entrance Examination to smoothly sprint and cross the finish line so that students could head for their beautiful and amazing future life!