Class Situation Analysis Meeting
Starting from 3rd December, 2019, three graduating class situation analysis meetings have been held in the Junior High Department of Anqing Foreign Language School's east campus to effectively and efficiently prepare for the 2020 Senior High School Entrance Examination, which were chaired by Deputy Director Hu Sen with the Teaching Affair Office. Meanwhile, all head teachers and subject teachers of the graduating classes from Grade 9 attended the meetings and made speeches.
First of all, each head teacher from Grade 9 reported the class situation respectively to the school leadership and other teachers, focusing on the introduction of enrollment, providing specific analysis on the top students and underachievers, putting forward their own concrete actions and thinking in addition to expressing that under the correct leadership, they would strive for the full harvest in the 2020 Senior High School Entrance Examination with the joint effort of each subject teacher. 
Second of all, teachers of all subjects proceeded detailed analysis on the characteristics of their classes and subjects, put forward reasonable suggestions and plans for future work, and unified the later work objectives: Firstly, grasp the two dimensions of classroom, homework and pay attention to the cultivation of students' ability and attainment; Secondly, improve the validity and reliability of the results by good use of test and model test; Thirdly, strengthen the cooperation between family and school to earnestly implement the pressure channel and release.
Third of all, the leaders of the Teaching Affair Office stressed that we should pay attention to the cultivation of students' discipline thinking, social responsibility and core quality in the review and preparation of the Senior High School Entrance Exam, actively respond to the changes of various policies, prepare for the examination intelligently, make full use of information means for big data analysis, and give full play to the spirit of teamwork. In addition, teachers were supposed to seriously summarize and reflect, adjust means in time, carefully analyze the class situation, learning situation and examination situation, strengthen teaching and research, strive to improve students' grades, do a good job in the psychological counseling of students and adhere to the problem-oriented teaching. Moreover, teachers were asked to summarize teaching carefully, make clear the goal, turn pressure into the motive force, do solid work, lay emphasis on student's basic learning, carefully carry out fine analysis of each student as well as do a good job to train the top students and tutor the underachievers.
On the whole, the graduating class situation analysis meetings connected the past and the future. It's hoped that all the teachers will fight together and create another glory!