Academic Assessment&Analysis Meeting
In order to further improve students' academic level, improve the quality of education and teaching, on the afternoon of 27th November, the Chinese teaching and research group of the Primary Department held the mid-term Chinese academic level assessment and analysis meeting.
At the Meeting, in combination with assessment of students' mid-term academic performance, teachers profoundly analyzed their own teaching methods, strategies and their existing problems. In regard to the problems in  teaching, teachers conducted further reflection, discussion and pooled their wisdom to put forward practical and feasible teaching strategies as follows: to study diligently the teaching material,  further understand the students and let the class teaching be more attractive; pay attention to the design of the homework, marking and the second marking after the revision; further strengthen the training and cultivation of students' learning habits; carry out training top students and mobilizing underachievers pertinently; combined with the actual situation of the class, take effective teaching methods to strive to create efficient classroom teaching.
Overall, through this quality analysis meeting, teachers of the Chinese group are more clear about the goal of the next step of the work, firm up their confidence, find the right direction and endeavor to seek new breakthroughs and development in the quality of education and teaching.