Teachers' Basic Skills Competition
The 4th teachers' basic skills competition of Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Department dropped the curtain on 5th December, 2019 with the theme of 'Keep the original intention, bear the mission and be a good teacher in the new era who has ideals and conviction, moral sentiments, solid knowledge and a heart of benevolence'. The week-long contest was attended by all the teachers of the Primary Department, which was the largest-scale post training activity with the largest number of participants since the establishment of the Primary Department. 
To be concrete, this grand event consists of four parts: keynote speeches, pen and chalk writing, teaching fragment design and courseware making in addition to classroom teaching, allowing teachers to demonstrate their basic skills in all aspects. Besides, this competition has a tight schedule and is rich in content. Meanwhile, teachers prepared earnestly and calmly, which reflected the favorable professional competence and spiritual outlook of teachers from the Primary Department. More noticeably, the teachers with Party membership played a pioneering and exemplary role in this activity.
Moreover, this activity got strong support from President Madam Huang Wenli, Director Chen Anqi with the Resources Department and Director Xu Zuitai of the International Department, who provided on-site guidance and served as judges. Afterwards, President Madam Huang Wenli raised valuable suggestions and expectations for the teachers.
Overall, the post training activities promoted learning, teaching and research through competition, which not only created a good atmosphere for teachers to focus on learning, improve ability, advance attainment, stimulate development, but also further enhanced the ethics level and professional literacy of teachers from the Primary Department.