Work Summary Meeting
Time flies and lost time is never. We tasted the hard work and sweat in a busy life, experiencing the joy of enrichment. Soon this semester is coming to an end. In order to better summarize experience and convey spirit, all teachers of the Junior High Department gathered in the joint classroom at 12.45 P.M. on 13th January to hold a meeting at the end of this semester, which was chaired by Deputy Director Hu Sen with the Junior High Department.
At the meeting, Deputy Director Hu Sen made a summary of his responsibilities, arranged the winter vacation home visit work, teachers' special homework and shared the reason why students recommended teachers to be Anqing Foreign Language School's inspirational role models as well as reminded teachers of relevant work arrangements at the beginning of the next semester.
Finally, Director Li Ping made a keynote speech with the theme of 'Strive Ahead, Shoulder Responsibility and Grow Together'. She initially affirmed the hard work of the teachers and reminded everyone to take advantage of the holidays to have a good rest and devote themselves to the teaching work in the next semester in a better state. In addition, Director Li Ping called on teachers to make a plan for themselves and send more high-quality WeChat Moments to share positive energy with everyone around. Moreover, Director Li Ping stressed that a good education needs to take into account the three aspects of children, parents and school authorities so that children can lead a happy, healthy and upward educational life.