Mathematical HandCopied Newspaper
In order to cultivate children's optimistic and enthusiastic learning attitude, positive moral sentiment, summarizing abilities as well as their cooperative and exploratory learning habits, during the New Year's Day, the lesson preparation group from Grade 7 elaborately organized a 'Mathematical Handcopied Newspaper Competition' to welcome the arrival of the New Year.
To be concrete, the main idea of this competition is to show the colorful mathematics in the form of hand-copied newspaper. On the one hand, the content can be the summary and reproduction of the knowledge system in class. On the other hand, it can also be some  interesting mathematics problems that students see after class, or the life stories of some mathematics celebrities. Through preliminary collection and preparation, students completed their own works by themselves in which they sorted out many characteristic sections, such as: formula definition, unit summary, interesting problem solution, kingdom of mathematics and so on. Then, the teachers selected the excellent works of the children and awarded the first, second and third prizes respectively.
All in all, the selection of the hand-copied newspaper has enriched students' extracurricular life and provided a new learning platform for them, which has made the boring mathematics interesting and vivid, cultivated their practical ability and greatly enhanced their interest in learning mathematics.