Typing Contest
So as to improve the computer operation level of students, quicken their typing speed and let students pay more attention to the training of basic computer skills so that they can experience the competition in the participation, make continuous improvement in the contest and enhance self-value in the progress, in the third class on the afternoon of 30th December, 2019, a typing competition with the theme of 'Welcoming New Year's Day' was organized among the seventh graders in the Junior High Department of the west campus.
Specifically, a total of 24 students took part in the competition which was intense and exciting. The fingers flying up and down and the typing sound let the teachers on the scene feel the intensity of the contest. After the intense competition, the awards of this competition were as follows:
First prize winners: Gao Jing, Yu Yang& Jiang Yiheng.
Second place competitors: Zhang Bowen, Zhang Qingning, Ding Qiuyun, Du Yuxuan, Yan Yan, Tao Luyuan, Yang Zichen, Wang Minyu& Si Wenbin.
Third place contestants: Zhangmu Zihui, Tao Junjie, Wang Qianhao, Cheng Jinxuan, Zhang Jingyang, Wang Zihao, Li Fuxiang, Zhang Yixuan& Xiong Xiyuan.
In brief, after the contest, students cheeringly discussed the process of the contest with overwhelming response, which achieved the effect of promoting learning through competition.