Chemistry Competition
So as to enrich students' study life and improve their enthusiasm for chemistry study, on the evening of 22nd December, Anqing Foreign Language School's Senior High Department held the chemistry knowledge contest in Grade 10. Students were eager to sign up and the competition was held intensely and orderly under the meticulous planning and organization of the teachers. After the fierce contest, finally a total of 17 players won the first, second, third prizes respectively.
First Prize Winners: students Jiang Tianhan, Taohuang Haobo& Wang Jingming from Class 2, Grade 10; Zhang Ziyang from Class 1, Grade 10.
Second Prize Contestants: Cao Junhong from Class 1, Grade 10; Wu Yulan from Class 3, Grade 10; Zhou Gaosheng& Wang Longtao from Class 4, Grade 10; Hu Yue& Peng Huan from Class 2, Grade 10.
Third Prize Candidates: Xie Lecai from Class 4, Grade 10; Bao Runsen& Ding Yan from Class 1, Grade 10; Jiang Shuai& Ding Ran from Class 3, Grade 10; Zhou Zhou& Zhu Shiya from Class 5, Grade 10.