Parent Committee
In order to realize the effective communication between home and school and listen to the parents' suggestions on the school work, at 7 P.M. on 12th December, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the west campus held the 2019 parent committee plenary meeting which was chaired by Director Wang Shengxiang with the Moral Education Department and attended by Director Hu Qilin of the west campus and 36 members of the Parent Committee.
First of all, the committee members proceeded self-introduction and parents all delivered warm speeches respectively to express their understanding and support for the school work.
Second of all, Director Wang Shengxiang interpreted the articles of the Parent Committee and stressed on the nature of the Parent Committee, which aimed to invite parents to participate in this platform and supervise the democratic management so that they would understand and support the school education and teaching work, positively offer advice for the development of Anqing Foreign Language School as well as spread advanced family education idea and scientific family education methods to achieve home-school collaboration and cultivation of the children.
Third of all, Director Hu Qilin delivered a warm welcome speech in which he expressed his gratitude to all the parent committee members for their concern about education and their children's growth and guided parents to know more about educational teaching management in terms of the brief introduction about the school situation, the teaching routine, construction of campus culture, students' moral education, safety management in addition to campus security. Director Hu Qilin hoped that the Parent Committee would unite all the students' parents to support school work and make all the school work come to a new step.
In summary, the Parent Committee is not only the bridge between parents and school, but also a part of school education and teaching management, which played the roles of the bridge, advice, supervision and promotion. Therefore, with close coordination with the school, the Parent Committee shall create a good environment for students' healthy growth. It's believed that under the supervision and collaboration of the Parent Committee, Anqing Foreign Language School will definitely achieve new development and a new leap.