Inspection and Exchange
On the morning of 5th December, led by Section Chief Lu Shucheng with the Civil Education Section of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau and Deputy Chief He Ling with the Basic Education Section, some educational experts and more than 40 officials paid a special visit to Anqing Foreign Language School who attended the Second Regional Education Evaluation Reform Forum based on the big data of the Yangtze River Delta. President Madam Huang Wenli and other school leadership warmly received the delegation.
To begin with, at 8.45 A.M. accompanied by Director Li Ping of the Junior High Department, the delegation visited the Primary Department, International Department, students' dormitory and cafeteria, the training base, Junior and Senior High Departments as well as the Culture and Sports Center. Leaders and experts not only showed great interest in the school's educational philosophy, students' life and learning in addition to the development planning of Anqing Foreign Language School, but also deeply appreciated the beautiful campus environment, advanced education concept and favorable teaching order.
Afterwards, the inspection team arrived at the opera theater to enjoy the martial arts performance and Huangmei opera performance full of Anqing Foreign Language School's characteristics. The more-than-ten-minute performance demonstrated students' elegant demeanor and the delegation spoke highly of Anqing Foreign Language School's quality-oriented education.
Furthermore, at the end of students' performance, Deputy Chief He Ling with the Basic Education Section of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau presided over the excellent paper exchange session. Meanwhile, four expert teachers made their wonderful speeches respectively.
On the whole, this inspection and exchange further confirmed our confidence in the use of big data for education and teaching reform. With the affirmation and support from national education experts, Anqing Foreign Language School will definitely march forward on the journey of evaluation reform.