Term-Change of Student Union
On 28th October, 2019, Anqing Foreign Language School's Senior High Department held the 14th general meeting of the Student Union in the joint classroom. Deputy Directors Xu Haihong and Liu Qiongdan with the Senior High Department attended the meeting which commended the outstanding student cadres of the 13th Student Union. All the attendees listened to the work report of student Zheng Min, Chairman of the 13th Student Union. Also, the meeting determined the list of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and members of the Student Union. As a result, student Hu Xinhai from Class 1, Grade 11 was elected President of the 14th Student Union and delivered a speech in which he explained his vision after being elected as well as his ideas and suggestions for future work. Moreover, Deputy Director Xu Haihong stressed that the Student Union was not only the management organization of students themselves under the leadership of the Senior High Department, but also the bridge and link between the school and students. Therefore, the Student Union plays an important role in the autonomous management of students in the school. Meanwhile, the members of the Student Union should set up lofty ideals, take the lead in studying hard, adhere to noble conduct, set an example for students, serve students better and contribute to the development of Anqing Foreign Language School. Besides, cadres of the Student Union are supposed to be serious, objective, fair and timely during the inspection.
Appendix One: the list of Chairman and members of the 14th Student Union of the Senior High Department of Anqing Foreign Language School.
Chairman: Hu Xinhai from Class 1, Grade 11.
Vice Chairman: Gao Ping from Class 7, Grade 11; Pan Ruiheng from Class 5, Grade 11 and Sun Chao from Class 1, Grade 10.
Study Department: Hu Yue from Class 2, Grade 10; Yang Zhuoran from Class 8, Grade 10 and Liu Lei from  Class 2, Grade 11.
Discipline Department: Bao Anqi from Class 3, Grade 10; Wang Ziyi from Class 7, Grade 10 and He Huang from Class 3, Grade 11.
Life Department: Huang Junyao from Class 4, Grade 10 and Zhang Lvhang from Class 4, Grade 11.
Sports and Recreation Department: Zhu Yu from Class 5, Grade 10; Wang Lei from Class 6, Grade 11.
Health Department: Chen Luna from Class 6, Grade 10 and Wang Xiaoge from Class 8, Grade 11.