Thematic Education Activity
According to the work meeting spirit of theme education 'Stay True to the Original Heart and Keep in Mind the Mission', on the morning of 29th September, the third branch of Anqing Foreign Language School's general Party branch held the thematic education activity in the party members' activity room. All the party members of the third branch attended the meeting.
To begin with, Branch Secretary Hu Sen conveyed the relevant spirit of carrying out theme education and arranged the implementation of it: to grasp the theme, main line and keynote of theme education, set clear objectives and tasks, tangibly implement new measures, identify participants and actively accept superiors' supervision and guidance. In the meantime, party members were supposed to enhance consciousness, improve political position, grasp the work requirements, strengthen the initiative of theme education, put work responsibility into practice, reinforce the effectiveness of thematic education in addition to promoting work to a new level in combination with the actual work.
All in all, this activity effectively implemented the requirements of the superior organizations, continued to lay a solid foundation for the improvement of education and teaching and presented a gift for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China as well!