State-Compiled Textbook
In order to fully understand and thoroughly comprehend the basic concept of Chinese curriculum standards, grasp the compilation thoughts, compilation principles and structural system, on the afternoon of 18th September, all the teachers from Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Department headed for designated schools to participate in training and learning according to the notification requirements of the District Teaching and Research Section.
Evidently, the interpretation of the new teaching material system by the training teachers played an excellent guiding role for the teachers to master the new teaching material system, control the textbook knowledge and improve the teaching quality. The teachers took notes while listening and discussed spontaneously after the meeting. The learning effect was obvious. Everyone felt that the training was practical, which deepened the understanding of the new textbook, clarified the teaching direction and carried out a refresh of teaching knowledge and methods.
In a nutshell, by means of the collective lesson preparation time this week, each lesson preparation group exchanged the study experience, genuinely had a goal in mind, came down to earth, uesd the new textbook well and met the new challenge.