Parents' Meeting
Time flies in the cool autumn breezes, which is also a new school season. So as to further help children adapt to school life as soon as possible, help parents master the correct method of tutoring children, let parents effectively cooperate with the school and teachers in addition to making students develop good behavioral habits, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus held the parents' meeting for seventh grade freshmen in the Lecture Hall on the afternoon of 26th August.
The meeting was presided over by Director Hu Sen. Principal Assistant Lu Dan and Director Li Ping respectively elaborated on the running characteristics of Anqing Foreign Language School and the features of wisdom classrooms.
To be specific, Principal Assistant Lu Dan introduced in details the teaching concept, management concept and teaching characteristics so that parents can further understand Anqing Foreign Language School, which can further enhance the communication between home and school. Meanwhile, Principal Assistant Lu Dan stressed that differences would arise when students study from primary to junior high schools, which required parents to face up to this issue and help students realize reasonable and scientific arrangement as well as smooth transition through home-school cooperation.
Later on, Director Li Ping had a sharing interaction with parents who introduced the features of the wisdom classes in simple words and instructed parents to fill in the voluntary forms on the spot.
In conclusion, by means of this parents' meeting, we have a more profound understanding that parents give their hopes and trust to us when they give their children to us. Therefore, we have a great responsibility on our shoulders and we will make every effort to make the children fully spend the three years of their junior high school life so that each student can get a satisfactory answer after three years.