Summary of Teaching and Research
So as to promote the professional growth of teachers, strengthen the construction of the school's teaching and research team and further improve the quality of education and teaching, Anqing Foreign Language School organized a teaching and research summary meeting for the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year in the west campus.
The leading roles of the meeting are the leaders of the teaching and research groups of each discipline, each of whom conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on the teaching and research work of this semester in addition to the development of various kinds of activities at all levels. Other than that, the meeting displayed the conventional teaching work, teaching and research activities, demonstration lessons, thesis awards, school-based teaching materials, the work of graduating classes, teachers' professional development, training of young teachers as well as rich and colorful extracurricular activities, which fully showcased that the teaching and research work of Anqing Foreign Language School was solid, informal and pragmatic.
Starting from the characteristics of each discipline, the group leaders summarized and refined the highlights of the work, sharing experience and reflecting on shortcomings. Everyone expressed that they would further strengthen the study of advanced teaching concepts and teaching methods, conscientiously write educational and teaching papers, continue to deepen the subject research, actively cooperate with and support all kinds of activities at all levels of the school and continue to make persistent efforts.
Furthermore, Director Zhang Li with the Teaching Affair Office not only reviewed and summarized the teaching and research work of this semester, fully affirmed the work performance of each teaching and research group, expressed sincere thanks to the hard work of all teachers, but also objectively and calmly analyzed the shortcomings of everyone in the work and put forward high expectations.
Finally, Principal Assistant Ling Qian made a summary speech in which he reviewed the goals of education, the spirit of Anqing Foreign Language School as well as the working concepts of routine work, strict details, classroom efficiency and quality breakthrough. Other than that, Principal Assistant Ling Qian pointed out that Anqing Foreign Language School needed the positive participation and hard work of every teacher and each teaching and research group. Meanwhile, each teaching and research group must unite and cooperate with each other, respect teachers, rely on teachers and serve teachers so that teachers will have hopes and strive hard. On the other hand, teachers will help students to achieve success and Anqing Foreign Language school shall have a solid foundation.
Later on, Principal Assistant Ling Qian pointed out that teaching and research is plain and sincere work and it should be targeted, focusing on solving teachers' confusion and problems in teaching practice so that teachers will find pleasure in teaching.
In recent years, Anqing Foreign Language School has won a great many honors in education field and these honors are inseparable from the hard work of every staff. In the face of honor, all faculty members of Anqing Foreign Language School will not change their pragmatic and truth-seeking nature, thus will not stop running.