Summary Meeting in West Campus
The working meeting for the end of the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year in the west campus of Anqing Foreign Language School was held in the Lecture Hall on the afternoon of 30th June, 2019, which was presided over by Principal Assistant Ling Qian.
At the beginning of the meeting, Principal Assistant Ling Qian arranged relevant work concerning the second term's conclusion and the summer vacation as well.
Then Principal Assistant Ling Qian summarized the work of this semester in that all the work of this semester was smooth and orderly with intensity, dedication and effectiveness, which is due to the concerted efforts of all the faculty and staff. In education and teaching, teachers race against the clock every day, regardless of personal gains and losses. More noticeably, the teachers of graduating classes work from dawn to night every day to prepare for classes, have classes, tutor students and correct their homework. Therefore, we gained a lot owing to everyone's efforts. Furthermore, quality activities are colorful and rich in content, from Arbor Day to School Celebration Day, from the introduction of Huangmei Opera into campus to the subject characteristic activities of all grades, all of which highlight Anqing Foreign Language School's unique characteristics and culture. In addition, there were many wonderful club activities, scientific and technological innovation, patriotic speeches and model airplane competitions. It is because each person in Anqing Foreign Language School insists on fulfilling his duty in his own post that the beauty of our campus is in the normal state.
Meanwhile, at the meeting, Principal Assistant Ling Qian proposed several hopes to all the teachers: handle things with a peaceful mind, get along with people with an understanding mind, live with a sunny mind and work with a positive mental attitude. The professional characteristics of teachers determine that we must be moral and disciplined. We can be poor, lonely or wronged, but we can not lose our professional integrity, because our words, deeds and every move are concerned by society all the time. It's hoped in this holiday, each teacher can read more, exercise more, relax the mood, wash away a semester of fatigue and live a happy life.
To conclude, the meeting ended successfully in the exhort and blessing of Principal Xu Xuchang. Wish all our teachers a happy, safe and fulfilling holiday!