Mobilization Speech
So as to relieve the pressure of the 9th-grade students in the Senior High School Entrance Examination and help them play their best in the examination, in the morning reading class on 4th June, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus held a pep rally before the Senior High School Entrance Examination. Principal Assistant Lu Dan delivered a mobilization speech.
At the meeting, Principal Assistant Lu Dan asked the students to never shirk responsibility. Instead, they should have the courage to assume difficulties, pursue their regretless youth, never give up hopes, experience hardships by themselves, conquer themselves with perseverance, come out of the cocoon and become butterflies as well as achieve excellence with suffering. At last, Principal Assistant Lu Dan proposed that students should learn to release pressure, believe in themselves and wait for the Senior High School Entrance Examination with the heart of gratitude and self-confidence.
All in all, the mobilization meeting not only made students have high morale and full of confidence, but also sounded the call to march forward for the final sprint. Evidently, students in Anqing Foreign Language School are ready to go. We firmly believe they will go all out to realize their dreams in June!