League Class Training
In order to let the activists of Youth League application know more knowledge about the league and increase their sense of honor for joining the league, on the afternoon of 13th May, 2019, the Youth League Committee of Anqing Foreign Language School held the league class training in the School Lecture Hall as planned. The keynote speaker was Instructor He Chun with the Youth League School.
This league class consisted of two parts. For the former part, all the new league members watched 'the First Lesson of Joining the Communist Youth League' to get to know the glorious history and fine tradition of the Communist Youth League. As to the latter part, by means of living examples, Instructor He Chun explained to students the pride and glory of being a member of the Communist Youth League. In addition, he told the students about the origin and historical significance of 'the league flag, league emblem, league song, league membership card and league oath' so that students could further understand and master the basic knowledge and the glorious history of the Communist Youth League.
All in all, students benefited a lot from this league class, all expressing that they would make strict demands on themselves in all aspects, actively create conditions to enter the Communist Youth League and become glorious league members.