Performance Analysis Meeting
In order to comprehensively summarize and analyze the results of the joint examination, further unify understanding, encourage morale and provide scientific method guidance for all the teachers and students of Grade 12 to prepare and sprint for the College Entrance Examination in the later stage, at noon on 29th April, 2019, the result analysis meeting of the municipal demonstrative high school joint examination was held in the meeting room on the first floor of the administrative building. In attendance were Anqing Foreign Language School's President Madam Huang Wenli, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong, Deputy Director Xu Haihong, Deputy Director Liu Qiongdan and all the teachers of the 12th grade. The meeting was presided over by Vice Director Cao Siqing with the Senior High Department.
In the first place, Vice Director Cao Siqing summarized and analyzed the ranking changes of the joint examination and the second simulated test of each class and required the head teachers and subject teachers to pay attention to the underachievers and focus on students' emotional changes during the 40-day critical period. In daily life, teachers were supposed to encourage students and remind them of the test-taking skills in the classroom teaching. Subsequently, Vice Director Cao Siqing made arrangements for the relevant work of the adaptive test in May.
In the second place, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong pointed out that the final sprint was the critical period for improving scores, just like reaching the ultimate state in a long run. For the problems exposed in the joint examination and the second simulated test, teachers should guide students to summarize and reflect and solve the problems in a targeted way. In the meantime, in the later stage of exam preparation, teachers should focus on three trainings -- thematic training, speed training and standard training, paying attention to variables, the maintenance of stability as well as the psychological state of students.
In the third place, President Madam Huang Wenli used her rich experience in education and teaching management to give specific guidance to all the teachers in their later preparation. Madam President stressed that both the leading cadres and front-line teachers should have the same goal and strive for the leapfrog development of Anqing Foreign Language School. The scores of College Entrance Examination not only provide a visual representation of the quality of a school's education, but also provide a quantitative basis for enrollment in the coming year. Only when the export is higher than the import and the output is greater than the input can our school take the lead in all levels of teaching evaluation. Meanwhile, Madam President encouraged teachers from the 12th grade in that we should have the courage to make a turn and hand over a satisfactory report to parents and society with great devotion.
All in all, victory belongs to the most persevering. In 2019, we believe our effort will pay off!