Party Construction
So as to implement the general requirements for party construction in the new era, tangibly strengthen the 'Four Consciousness', achieve 'Four Confidence', proceed 'Two Maintenance' and solidly conduct the standardization construction of the party organization, on the morning of 29th April, Anqing Foreign Language School's general Party branch held a special session in the party members' activity room to implement the study requirements of the secretary training course of grass-roots party organization. The meeting was presided over by Secretary Sun Yijun of the general Party branch. Organization Secretary Xu Haihong who attended the training class conveyed the learning contents. Also in attendance were all members of the general Party branch and each party branch secretary.
To be concrete, Secretary Sun Yijun asked all members of the general Party branch and each party branch to strengthen learning. At present, every party member should learn two things well. On the one hand, party members should learn General Secretary Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. On the other hand, party members were supposed to learn relevant laws and regulations documents, especially two opinions and two rules, namely 'Opinions of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening the Party's Political Construction', 'Views on Strengthening and Improving Party Building in the Central Government and State Organs', 'Party Branch Working Regulations (advance copy)' as well as 'Regulations on the Work of the Party Leading Group (advance copy)'.
Finally, Secretary Sun Yijun also made arrangements for the recent work of the general Party branch.