All-Round Development
In the just concluded simulated exam of the 2019 Senior High School Entrance Examination, Anqing Foreign Language School's west campus ranked first in the city with a total average score of 549.45, which is 65.37 points higher than the grand score of the whole city. Meanwhile, the total average score of the east campus ranked sixth in the city, which is 13.8 points higher than the total average score of Anqing City, making leapfrog progress. It's worth mentioning that student Wang Ruihan of the east campus ranked third in the city with a total score of 703.5. The total average score of the two study-abroad classes in the east campus reached 584.02.
What is gratifying is that students who will graduate this year have won more than 20 municipal first prizes of quality activities in total in the past three years and teachers have won more than 30 municipal first prizes (including 5 provincial ones). What's more, in the just finished experimental tests, the full mark rate of the two campuses reached 85%. Therefore, it may be said that students from both campuses are well developed morally, intellectuall and physically.
All in all, the achievement is attributed to the diligent efforts of the teachers and students! In the next phase, it's hoped that students will obtain more excellent results in the sports entrance examination to sprint for the Senior High School Entrance Examination and realize integrated development!