Experiencing Chinese Culture
Twenty-nine students from two middle schools in Marseilles, France, lived in the families of students from Anqing Foreign Language School for one week respectively. They visited Anqing together with middle school students from Anqing City, learnt Chinese, studied Chinese calligraphy, martial arts, paper-cutting, Huangmei Opera and other traditional Chinese culture to have a deeper perception of the extensive and profound Chinese culture.
With the strong support of Anqing Foreign Language School and the cooperation of all departments, we successfully held the activity for French students to experience Chinese famiy life. The active and enthusiastic participation of Chinese families played a decisive role in the smooth implementation of the event. The host families of Anqing Foreign Language School have made full preparations before the French students arrived. Through WeChat, they set up French students' homestay Chinese family group, which was convenient for parents to communicate in time. Every morning, the hospitable Chinese parents sent the French students to Anqing Foreign Language School and picked them up in the evening. Parents at home carefully prepared each dinner and breakfast. Considering the French students like sweet, sour and cold food, the host families specially prepared delicious food. The world is a family and the homelike atmosphere left many unforgettable memories and amazing moments.
To sum up, the Chinese host families aimed to help the French students deeply understand and experience the life of ordinary Chinese people, provide students with a Chinese-speaking living environment and the most authentic opportunities to use Chinese, enhance the friendship with Chinese families as well as improve the understanding of Chinese culture and values. Parents have expressed that this activity was of great significance, through which the French students could have direct contact with Chinese families, feel their living habits, food culture, family affection and economic development to promote the exchanges between the students of the two countries and establish permanent international friendship.