Experimental Guidance Conference
The 2019 Senior High School Entrance Examination comes over unannounced. In order to further enhance students' confidence in the examination, on the morning of 10th April, in the Lecture Hall, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus held the mobilization meeting and the experimental guidance conference, which was presided over by Principal Assistant Lu Dan.
Initially at the meeting, Principal Assistant Lu Dan affirmed students' recent excellent performance and pointed out the existing problems, hoping that students could get down to study and achieve the qualitative leap from the quantitative accumulation.
In addition, Principal Assistant Lu Dan proceeded guidance on the experimental tests to be held on 13th April. He conducted specific guidance in terms of the examination procedure, examination requirements and examinee instructions. Furthermore, Principal Assistant Lu Dan reminded students to pay attention to details in the examination process to avoid loss of points for non-intellectual factors and strive for full marks to win the first battle of the Senior High School Entrance Examination.
In summary, this mobilization meeting provided students with great encouragement. It's believed that students will spare no effort and live up to their dreams.