Spring Outing
The sun is shining brightly in March and it's time to have an outing in spring. In order to let the students get close to nature, feel the beautiful spring and further expand their horizons, on 26th March, students from the 10th and 11th grades of Anqing Foreign Language School went to Fushan in Zongyang County to carry out research and learning activities. Thus, a total of one thousand people went to a landscape feast.
At eight o'clock in the morning, seventeen buses were ready to set off. Flowers were in bloom all the way. Entering the beautiful Fushan, we indulged in the joy of spring. Fushan, located in Zongyang County, Tongling City, is a national 4A level scenic spot and a national geopark. Fushan is also a scenic area with volcanic caves and cliff carvings, clear and graceful mountains and rivers, gully and strange rocks, rivers and lakes as well as cultural landscapes. It get its name because it is near the mountain and by the river. What's more, it has rich tourism resources, natural landscape with volcanic landform as its main characteristics, lush vegetation and unique cultural landscape. The scenic area is full of overpasses, cliffs, caves, rocks, rock bells, overpasses and streams in addition to deep valleys and lakes. Here visitors can feel the uncanny workmanship of nature, infinite spring scenery and boundless beauty, all of which make people intoxicated.
At the end of the activity, students took the initiative to pick up the garbage around, restored the beautiful scenery of the scenic area and perfectly showcased the civilized image of Anqing Foreign Language School's students. In fact, the spring outing was carried out orderly under the meticulous planning and organization of the school. In the beautiful spring, students walked into nature, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, flew their dreams and experienced the happiness of life. In this activity, we broadened our vision, deepened the affinity between nature and culture, enriched our knowledge and broadened our knowledge as well, which manifested the elegant demeanor of civilization of Anqing Foreign Language School's students. Meanwhile, the spring research trip cultivated students' practical spirit of knowledge discovery and enhanced their innovative spirit. Evidently, we were happy during this spring outing and we meant serious in this spring research trip. Therefore, the traveling was not fruitless because we benefited a lot. As we all know, life is knowledge and research travel is education extending from classroom to life.