Faculty Meeting in West Campus
An affectionate recitation by Director Li Ping with the Teaching Department raised the curtain of the fist faculty meeting of Anqing Foreign Language School’s Junior High Department of the west campus. She attractively pushed expert Ye Jiaying, known as the ‘Last Mr. Female in China’ to your eyes, who not only won Lifetime Achievement Award of ‘World Impact Awards of Ethnic Chinese’, but also was a sinology expert and an expert in the study of Chinese classical literature.
We were moved to tears when listening to Madam Ye Jiaying’s life experience. We felt amazed by her amazing literary achievements and touched by her sincere heart and earnest instructions. She suffered a lot but wore a proud smile at the world. She dedicated her life to the inheritance of poetry. She stuck to the three feet platform and led students to bathe in the starry sky of poetry. She left tens of millions of wealth behind and guided students to explore the treasure of culture. Her gentle voice shocked every educator. She was quoted as saying, ‘I would like to end my life on the platform.’
No matter how many words we use to describe the torch bearer of Chinese classical culture, we can only look up to the great lady and learn her spirit, quality and method. Taking Madam Ye Jiaying as our role model, we learn her dedication and noble sentiment of indifference to fame and wealth, which will also be our real practice of the saying ‘Teacher is the one with both profound knowledge and moral integrity.’ in our career.
What’s more, Principal Assistant Ling Qian arranged the work of this semester and interpreted the key work. To be specific, we should focus on the classroom teaching and implement teaching from thoughts and methods. Teachers are supposed to teach each lesson well and help students review and sort out knowledge to form a complete knowledge system. The next three meetings (the mobilization meeting of the Senior High School Entrance Examination, review seminar and the mobilization meeting for parents of the graduating classes) have been included in the work plan. Various quality activities of non-graduating classes are supposed to be actively carried out. Additionally, we should attach importance to the building of campus cultural atmosphere to let students gain the fun of growth apart from studying.
In conclusion, the education torch is handed down from generation to generation. The first faculty meeting in the new term enabled the teachers to receive the spiritual baptism, understand the sacredness of the teaching profession, further make clear the tasks and work requirements, unify the thoughts, deepen the understanding and gather strength. It’s believed that all the future work of Anqing Foreign Language School will be implemented smoothly under the guidance of the school leaders.