Travel Log(Part Nine)
The mother earth was quiet and solemn after the night. It was the early morning sunshine that aroused the great vitality!
It is 17th February today. According to the schedule, we will visit UCLA this morning and Santa Monica beach in the afternoon.
The bus arrived and students were all here. We set off again!
Half an hour later, we arrived at our first stop—UCLA.
University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), located in Los Angeles, California, is a world-famous public research university. UCLA ranks first among American public universities in the 2018-2019 Wall Street Journal, Times Higher Education and US News. In the 2018 QS graduate employability rankings, UCLA ranked second in the world. Besides, UCLA ranked 11th in the world in Forbes’ 2018 most valuable universities and academic rankings. UCLA ranked 9th in the world in the 2018 Thames university reputation rankings. Moreover, UCLA ranked 13th in the world in the 2017 US News global university rankings.
Today a mysterious guest will show us around UCLA. She is student He Yinfeng, a 2016 graduate of Anqing Foreign Language School who is now a junior at UCLA!
He Yinfeng led us to walk along the main road of the campus and we reached the famous UCLA library. It’s a pity that it was closed because today was the weekend.
We came all the way to the teaching building of the Mathematics Department where He Yinfeng studied. We could see many mathematical symbols outside the building. More amazingly, the building has four floors underground!
Students talked, laughed and took pictures all the way. Some even bent over to tease the little squirrel at the roadside. All these acts seemed to explore the mysteries of this world-renowned university.
After the visit to UCLA, students bid farewell to He Yinfeng and wished her success and a promising future!
Today’s second stop—Santa Monica beach!
Looking into the distance, we could see the blue sky, white clouds, blue sea and snow-white sand beach. It was heaven on earth!
It’s a pity that time passed so fast and we didn’t have enough time to play. Then it was time to return, because the aunts and uncles of the host family would pick us up on time to go back home!