Travel Log(Part Seven)
It is 14th February today. The Los Angeles mountains appeared particularly green after being washed by the heavy rain. Early in the morning the rain was still heavy, yet our students attended class on time and nobody was late.
At 9.30 A.M. Dr. Jia-Yi Cheng-Levine, Dean of the International Academy with College of the Canyons led teachers Xu Zuitai and Jiang Shengyou from Anqing Foreign Language School to tour the whole city of Santa Clarita. Dr. Cheng introduced us the traffic conditions of Santa Clarita, its medical services, community and community composition as well as its shopping malls. We could see the beautiful scenery, well-equipped and convenient facilities along the way. Above all, this place was very safe because only the people with good economic conditions could live in the surrounding area, which meant there weren’t any people without fixed duties or even tramps.
In the afternoon, students visited Shanxi Art Exhibition held by College of the Canyons during the Chinese Spring Festival and listened to the famous music of zither, pipa and erhu by Chinese and foreign artists at the exhibition, which was an eye-opening experience for us!
In this way, we moved into a selected American family, feeling their way of life in a safe and close way, learning their culture, participating in the family activities, exercising our abilities to get along with others in addition to quickly adapting to the American society. Most important of all, everyone improved their spoken English rapidly!