New Term’s Working Conference
So as to make all the teachers and students from Grade 12 devote themselves to the intense work and study back from the happy Spring Festival holiday as soon as possible and better greet the arrival of the new semester in the 12th grade, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Senior High Department held the working conferences for teachers and students respectively, which were presided over by Deputy Director Cao Siqing.
For teachers’ conference, Deputy Director Cao Siqing arranged the work of the new term: First, teachers should prepare each lesson, teach each lesson well and lay emphasis on education and teaching. Second, teachers were supposed to make the second-round review plan in advance; Third, teachers were asked to devote greater effort in the weekly exam invigilation to play its effective role; Fourth, teachers should not only pay attention to students’ psychological changes, but also teach students in accordance with their aptitude to help them find their own way to success. Afterwards, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong put forward several requirements for the work of the new semester. Initially he stressed that the second-round review settings should be reasonable and the second-round review teaching should be carried out in a certain pattern so that each teacher could lay emphasis on the check points of the College Entrance Examination, the contents of each lesson and the teaching methods to grasp the key points, have a clear target and let more students admitted to their ideal universities. Furthermore, teachers were requested to be strict in invigilation, go over examination papers quickly, proceed precise exam analysis and have scientific guidance. At last, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong reminded each head teacher to pay attention to spring recruitment and make plans for the cultural course learning of art students and sports students.
For students’ conference, Vice Director Cao Siqing helped students analyze the existing problems they faced at present: lack of learning initiative, careless question analysis and two many points lost due to students’ confusing the primary with secondary. Therefore, Vice Director Cao Siqing encouraged students to construct the knowledge system of each subject under the guidance of the teachers, sort out the knowledge points to cope with exams easily, take each exam seriously, attach importance to basic questions, learn to give up difficult questions, conduct examination paper analysis in time after the exam and strive hard to make progress.
To conclude, the two conferences marked the official start of the work and study in the new semester for Grade 12.