Term Transition Conference
At 9 A.M. of 31st August, 2016, at the Lecture Hall, Anqing Foreign Language School observed the grand opening of Office Term Changing Conference for Trade Union Committees. In attendance were Inspector General Wang Jianhui with Municipal Education& Sports Bureau and Chairman Zou Xiaoling with Educational Labor Union.
First of all, all committee members voted the trade union committees of the third term. President Madam Huang Wenli expressed her sincere thanks to the care and guidance from leaders with Municipal Education& Sports Bureau. In the meantime, Madam President announced the election results: Xu Haihong, Chen Peifeng, Hu Sen, Liu Qiongdan, Lv Yongju and Jiang Zhengying were elected committee members of the third session trade union. More noticeably, Xu Haihong held the post of Vice Chairman of Anqing Foreign Language School’s  Labor Union and presided over the regular work of the Labor Union.
Second of all, Inspector General Wang Jianhui spoke highly of our school’s labor union work in terms of institutional improvement, quality promotion of teaching& administrative staff, recreational activities for all staff, self-construction of the labor union as well as the positive contributions to Anqing Foreign Language School’s reform, progress& stabilization from the labor union.
Moreover, Inspector General Wang Jianhui put forward hopes and proposals with regard to the future work of our school’s labor union. He especially mentioned that in June, 2016, Anqing Foreign Language School’s teacher Li Ping stood out in the Teachers’ Basic Skill Competition organized by the Working Committee of Municipal Education& Sports Bureau, which manifested the enormous potentiality of our school’s faculty.
In conclusion, the democratic, simple yet solemn atmosphere of this conference filled all of us with enthusiasm, constituting a big event for the political life of Anqing Foreign Language School’s teaching staff.