Study Tour Journal
Originally written by Yuan Wangqi.
I want to experience the tremendous world and the half-a-month journey in summer vacation satisfied my aspiration. Speaking of America, almost everyone looks forward to it and feels the incomparable content by touring or sightseeing, let alone living in the United States.
First of all, we arrived in San Francisco through the 12-hour flight. Upon arrival, I felt the huge temperature difference because of the extremely low temperature here. After visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and the most crooked street in the world ‘Lombard Street’, we returned to the hotel for a rest. The next morning after breakfast in the hotel, we toured the world renowned University of California Berkeley and Stanford University, after which we arrived in Los Angeles by air with the duration of over an hour. I had to say that the food on the plane was fair enough to fill ourselves up.
Second of all, we got to the Disneyland, the most cheerful place on planet on the third day. Los Angeles consists of two Disney Worlds, one of which is located in California with the name of Disneyland California Adventure built in 1955. The other one was established in 2009 with a distinct style, the theme of which is California. Therefore the second Disney World displays the history and culture in California, assembling the essence of it. The Adventureland focused on adult tourists. As a result, there were more exciting recreation facilities, which distinguishes it from Disneylands elsewhere. Besides, we chose adventure without doubt!
More specifically, even though this adventureland is only one third the coverage of the Disney World opposite it, its amusement facilities and originality are far more thrilling and adventurous. The five themed fairground amusement parks are all connected to California, the four names of which are California Wharf, Hollywood Exterior Scene, Golden State as well as Insect World. There are nearly 50 entertainment items. Apart from Jet Coaster, Falling Seats& Top-Speed Drift, another project ‘Leaping California’ received unanimous acclaim, which demonstrated well-known landmarks& landforms through three-dimensional large screen before people who were seated in enormous passenger compartment and flew over California, enjoying themselves to the full.
Third of all, we had a pleasant journey in Hollywood Universal Studios to comprehend the production process of movies, classical film plots, spectacular performance shows in addition to the recreation facilities of various subjects. More noticeably, we got better acquainted with handprints of celebrities at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Following guidance, we directly reached the game area by means of special channel, striding proudly ahead. Otherwise we had to wait long queues for stimulating items in particular.
The most exciting part was the Mummy. We had to get our bags, cameras, cell phones& glasses deposited beforehand in case of throwing them out. The other impressive programs included Transformers, A Tour in the Film Studio& Jurassic Park. Other than that, the Minions& the Simpsons were even more adorable than expected.
It was almost at nightfall when we got out of the Universal Studios. The journey has not been made in vain in spite of the thrill& tiredness. We did not apprehend what 3D was until we arrived here. After dinner we went back to rest in the hotel.
Fourth of all, we set our feet on the legendary Harvard University& Massachusetts Institute of Technology other known as MIT.
On one hand, Harvard University was much more splendid than I had imagined with harmonious, warm and sweet plants& trees. Sometimes a ray of sunshine shone through the leaves, which let us feel the warmth of the ancient buildings as if they were narrating their glorious history.
On the other hand, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, famous for her science departments, is the combination of nature and reserve. Entering the gate of MIT, we experienced her solemnity. Afterwards, we had a tour in the computer rooms& open classrooms. Though MIT lacked Harvard’s comfort, she still left us an impression of meticulous loveliness.
Fifth of all, after an early get-up and breakfast, we paid a visit to the State of Liberty by bus, sightseeing the city appearance of New York. We expressed our admiration from time to time. The architecture was outstanding and the interior was luxurious as well. Considering the fact that some of the buildings were constructed in the 1950s, it was no wonder that there were fire-prevention stairs outside the windows, which were out of the ordinary. Moreover, the yacht was not only comfortable but also clean& tidy. Finally we saw the Statue of Liberty, which was hard to resist for everyone. Luckily I took plenty of photographs.
In the afternoon we toured the ‘Intrepid’ aircraft carrier, also passing by the Empire State Building, the World Trade Plaza and the General Headquarters of the United Nations. Since the ‘Intrepid’ aircraft carrier has already been transformed into a science& technology museum, it possessed high-tech content, attracting us enormously. Later on we went to the prosperous Fifth Avenue for shopping.
Sixth of all, we bid farewell to Washington DC and took a bus for another ancient city--Philadelphia, which means ‘Brotherly Friendship City’ in Greek. Furthermore, we went shopping in the Outlets Shopping Mall in the afternoon to buy presents. I specially chose gifts for my parents& relatives.
Seventh of all, we headed for monuments and memorial halls after checking out of the hotel. Lincoln Commemoration Hall was our first stop. We took pictures with President Lincoln Sculpture, who looked tall and thin in the statue, smiling at us. Then we arrived at the nearby Vietnam War Monument, which was designed by Chinese Taiwanese architect to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Vietnam War. In addition, we had the honor to tour the Washington Monument& Jefferson Memorial Hall, after which we paid a visit to the White House& the Capitol Hill. In the afternoon we reached the National Air& Space Museum to feast our eyes on the cutting-edge aerospace science& technology.
To sum up, we went back to China by air after the short-period 15-day travel. All of us were unwilling to part when we left the United States. The 14-hour-long flight exhausted us all. However, thinking of arriving home, we felt excited again. Though the tour to America came to an end, the friendly sentiments among our teacher& classmates did not conclude. Neither did our exploration and learning towards the western culture. We were determined to make great efforts in the future. This American tour was not just an ordinary trip. Instead it enabled me to acquire something that I obtained unexpectedly.