Three years ago, teachers sent lovely students away to college.
We have experienced the turning wheel of seasons.
Tears hidden behind smiles appeared far more precious due to departure.
We got reunited today three years later to share delight in our growing process.
In the first place, on 18th August, students who graduated in 2013 went back to Anqing Foreign Language School to meet together with teachers again, observing the previous commitments. The hot weather could not hold back the expectation from teachers& students in that head teachers in charge of students graduating in 2013 reached school early to wait for the arrival of students.
In the second place, at the Lecture Hall of both the east and the west campuses, teachers& students had too much to share, considering the fact that they have not seen each other since three years ago. On the one hand, students signed autographs one after another, presenting their blessings to Anqing Foreign Language School. On the other hand, Anqing Foreign Language School prepared special souvenirs for students. More noticeably, President Madam Huang Wenli received students in person, encouraging them to make persistent efforts. They all looked forward to the next reunion.
Last but not the least, students toured the School History Museum to feel the changes and development of Anqing Foreign Language School over the years. Upon departure, teachers and students could not bear to part once again.