Decisive Battle in Gaokao
With the conclusion of 2016 College Entrance Examinatin, the 2017 Chinese Gaokao has already blown the trumpet. With the excitement& inspiration from excellent performances in 2016 College Entrance Exam, Anqing Foreign Language School officially unveiled the curtain for students in 12th grade to strive for the 2017 Chinese Gaokao.
In order to continue the glory and achieve more outstanding results, on 18th & 19th of July, under the guidance& organization of Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong& Grade 12 Director Xu Zuitai, Anqing Foreign Language School held head teachers’ conference, students’ meeting in addition to all staff meeting in Grade 12 successively, all of which analyzed the current conditions, pointed out the existing issues, made explicit the direction where we endeavored as well as put forward relevant requirements for all teachers& students in Grade 12.
Considering the source of students, we could see that our current grade 12 students were in inferior positions compared to those in prvious sessions, which means we are confronted with huge pressure if we are determined to create another victory. However, this does not constitute the reason for us to give up. On the contrary, faced with stress, we need to make greater efforts. In the meantime, in spite of difficulities, we should struggle for success in that we are prsented with more opportunities to achieve miracles& glories.
Overall, let us strive for the victory in the 2017 College Entrance Examination! As long as the path is correct, we shall not fear the rugged road ahead. Instead, we firmly believe that those who sow with tears are bound to harvest with smiles.