Recruitment Information
In the first place, subject of recruitment and numbers of teachers:
One junior high Chinese teacher.
In the second place, requirements:
One, observe law& discipline, cherish posts& devote wholeheartedly to work, possess entrepreneur spirit, strong sense of responsibility& favorable moral integrity, follow arrangements instructed by Anqing Foreign Language School and have team spirits. Two, hold teacher certification in respective disciplines. Three, those with abundant work experience are preferable.
In the third place, preferential treatment:
Five social insurance and one housing fund with monthly salary of RMB 3000-5000& offers of teachers’ apartments.
In the fourth place, recruitment approach:
Applicants shall enclose copies of resumes, identification cards, diplomas, professional certificates, credentials, honor certificates as well as a recent photo, all of which are bound in a volume so that candidates can mail those mentioned above to Anqing Foreign Language School’s Personnel Department or submit in person.
After the first-round assessment, qualified teachers shall get interview notice before trial teaching. Applicants are supposed to  give clear indication of ‘Employment Materials’ onto the envelopes. Also, all materials submitted will not be returned.
Contact number:0556-5393021
Contact person: Teacher Madam Lao
Address: No. 10 Zhenfeng Road, Anqing City, Anhui Province(the east campus of Anqing Foreign Language School)